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Child Post Example

  by  , Friday 3 November 2017, Categories: Background

This post has a special post type called "Child Post". This allowed to specify a parent post ID. Consequently, this child post is linked to: Custom Fields Example (http://cocovida.info/index.php/custom-fields-example).

This also allows us to access the custom fields of the parent post:

First numeric field:123
Second numeric field:456
First string field:abc
Define you own labels:Enter your own values
Multiline plain text field:This is a sample text field.
It can have multiple lines.
Multiline HTML field:This is an HTML field.

It is also possible to selectively display only a couple of these fields:

First numeric field:123
First string field:abc
Second numeric field:456

Finally, we can also display just the value of a specific field, like this: abc.

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