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New Stadium, Same Soccer

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It was an unclear one, and a big step. The arena is still unfinished -- indoors and outside wires hang unconnected, painting isn't yet done, trees are unplanted, taped-up print-outs behave as signals, and dust out of the construction work lingers, while the access from the M40 motorway that borders it to one side have never been built. Car parks were complete -- although at $300, season tickets there cost and many come by subway. The travel chaos feared didn't happen, not least because fans came early, invited to do so by actions. There were two hours that are happy and enthusiast zones, music and castles. And Saturday comes.
There are plaques dedicated. Fans seek out Luis Aragonés, Kiko, and Simeone Garate. They seek out defector Hugo placing stickers over the top and scuffing at it. White and Red, the flag in Spain flies out. The doors open at 7 pm, an hour and 45 minutes before kick-off, as well as the impacts that are interior, although it's not an arena outside. It's genuinely spectacular: enormous, steep and high. The radios are in early and they are getting emotional. There's an homage to their houses pre-game. The playlist in the stadium is the same as was in the 80s rock.  judi bola

Down in the tube, players venture out to heat up. There's a roar when they move out. The anthem is played, when they return for the match. They are almost ready. The match ball was brought in by parachute. As does the Spain flag an Atlético flag follows. There's a minute's applause for the club member No1. Garate, Torres -- performs the kickoff -- kept a secret and Hugo was named by a youth teamer. Past, future and present. "I will never forget it: it is an honor to be with José Eulogio and a child who we expect has a terrific future," Torres says. He's not a beginner but eight Atlético products that are youth-team are, three of them. And then the game starts. It is not good: however impressive the stadium the day, it versus Málaga per week. On the eve of the match, Saúl had stated: "I hope it is a canterano who scores the first aim. It happens not the way they hoped.

While the first shot on goal is from the Borja Bastón of Málaga the is for the foul from Koke, Roberto, and the shot from Saúl. They all are Atlético canteranos, products that are youth-team. But Atlético does not have a shot on goal until one hour and the minute in, it. "New stadium, same soccer," El País writes the following day. The noise drops, there is a lull. Some of them. In the Calderón also, there were lulls for all that it's true, and the legend, times when it went silent there as it does here. In the other, the songs from 1 and do catch on at the location. The sound does not always reach them, some say afterward; it is not easy when you can not make out the tune to sing along.

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