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The Wanda Metropolitano, Atlético's Brand New Arena

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It was Friday evening northeast of the capital before their opening night and one question was resolved. "The most important issue is the 3 factors," Someone said shortly after, but that smile underlined that he understood better than anyone that really was not correct. "You try to concentrate on work but it is not simple: We are all human," he admitted the next night. "When you get to the stadium, however much you tell yourself 'do not look, do not feel, do not watch, do not gaze about', you do it." Everybody did -- from the minute they arrived on Saturday. After 50 years in the Vicente Calderón, Atlético had a brand new arena.
Even though the fear was as inevitable as it was natural, they were excited for certain.

He struck at the ball not. There was much to cheer and, nearly completed, at last, he was cheering all right: about the escalators from the new metro station alongside, the acoustics, the design, the color, the relaxation: "The chairs, please! They are lovely for people of terrific weight!" An enormous concrete bowl close to Barajas airport, using a whirlpool roof and red chairs, somewhat like Wembley, the Emirates or San Mamés, Cerezo insisted: "On the outside, it is fair, on the inside it is the company." However, some asked, would it be? The Calderón was 13,000 seats smaller and crumbling, a wreck, but it suited and it would be missed by them. Here they are within a plot of no man's land 20km at a stadium, from home.  agen sbobet terpercaya

Not Wanda. The Chinese shareholders and investors of Atlético supplied half of the name; the other half was provided by its history. The Wanda Metropolitano is named after the scene before they moved into the Atlético had. Aware of the feeling of rootlessness the move could provoke, there was a conscious attempt to adopt their background, recreate community and to create continuity. To make it fun. And fans have reacted: seats haven't meant chairs that were empty. Season-ticket earnings have improved and the launching games have sold out. It was clear from the struggle to keep their player's players were renewed although provides came to get a dozen footballers, none were approved. It was significant, although it came at a price and a major one. It's no great moving into a house that is new rather than taking everyone. Weaken the group and enhance the stadium does not work. Less in the debut season, where there's anticipation in addition to anxiety.

There are worries over the effect and the practicalities. What has presented as effectively a 'free' arena, rebuilding and Atlético taking the stadium earmarked for three failed bids in return for their location, has cost them $170m and the $140m worth of the Calderón website. Since it began in 2008 prices have grown; they had a loan to keep going. And maintaining the demands on them have increased that Champions League qualification isn't an objective, it is an obligation. However, Cerezo says that it's a step into a new age, and it will be covered in seven or eight decades.

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